Listen up!!

Hayi andiyazi… I’ll give these people props for the crazy amount of creativity, but lets not pretend not to see the blatant black face going on here. White privilege and money will get one far.

The city of gold has certainly been good to you Johnny! The jam is great, the video is great in its simplicity. Usebenzile chap, cela usiphinde!

This track is the most beautiful jam iv heard this whole year, fresh from Makhafula Vilakazi. So honest, so real. Definitely worth following on Soundcloud. Siyabulela tata!

What me and my peoples have been winding to. Burna Boy always wins. The video is also tons of fun, i like how they didnt go for that commercial look. It makes me want to fly to Naija NOW!


Shoutout to this small boy doing big things. For a long time all i saw was that [Essentials] braid but now i see the man. We see you Cassper! and big up on going gold. New comer for who?! Presence felt tata.

So here is a video that truly epitomizes the meaning real social commentary. For those of you who might be lost it’s giving a voice to the ill treated farmers in the Western Cape, who work their asses off to put bread on the tables of their oppressor “baas”. Some may find it inflamatory and offensive, but i love it. I also rate that if its hard to swallow then you are probably a part of the problem. Burn em down, i say.

My music man gave me this prescription today and in it i have found so much healing. Loving The Kuti Mangoes. I suggest one makes getting this LP a swift mission. Thanks Mighty.






Shona phantsi, get down!!!

Mahlathini and the Mahothela Queens, i am so grateful.


In to space and beyond. My men and my women, all is indeed well 🙂


What a jam.



I understand Mam Eartha. Love is a funny thing, a beautiful thing that must be nurtured and respected. A love in a relationship is earned, it should be natural, fluid, good and filling. Compromise means a conserted effort to change…  Sharing your love should not need compromise.

Ndikuvile mna Mam Eartha.


So smooth. Perfect pick me up for a Monday morning. Its beautiful. Lets work!


All together now!! “I play it off but I’m dreaming of you.”


Love this. The instruments ❤


What this woman says its true. When Andile Mngxitama titled one of his Frank Talk “Blacks Cant Be Racist” white South Africa was appaulled, as they usually are whenever words leave his mouth, or published in national papers. But apparently he’s not the only one who understands racism as a system. I do too.  For those who are still unsure of wassup, Sam articulates so well in this clip from the movie Dear White People.

Still from the movie Dear White People, initially released January 18 2014. Cant wait till it gets to South Africa. Im there baba!

Still from the movie Dear White People, initially released January 18, 2014. Cant wait till it gets to South Africa. Im there baba!


Came across this young clip today, ironically after a conversation in the office about how black men are perceived. Seeing as the white gaze is the only gaze which is valid i think its fair to say that the black man then becomes whatever the white says him to be even if he is not, the judgments are already made, the stereotypes are set long before the crime/offense is committed. The black [man] is always seen in a negative light. Uyatsho uMam Toni naye…



A man i know sent me this song. The words are so beautiful, the sound so transcendent. I love it. I love him. Always.




I love my people, we are beautiful and strong, we are proud and we are God’s. This song speaks to me, it is the truth. We can not afford to walk around eyes wide shut, not looking at the vermin that is stagnating and killing our kind. Only we can take the steps to regain our dignity. Truly realise our pride beyond the colour of our skin.

My people. Shoutout Jazzy Jeff!


The literary world respects the playwright and poet, Amiri Baraka as one of the revolutionary provocateurs of African-American poetry. He is counted among the few influential political activists who have spent most of their life time fighting for the rights of African-Americans.

Black and proud!

Heroes of Spongecake ❤ Thats my jam… Reminds me of my favourite rasta, Mighty. We give thanks, always, for the sound, the music that takes us deeper spiritually.


Loving and missing my Mighty ❤

Beyonce featuring Chiamanda Ngozi Adichie. Tell em!!

“I woke up like this, i woke up like this!”

Own your femininity. Let no one else tell you about the deepest, realest part of you. We give thanks to Chimamanda Ngozi for giving us a voice, educating the uneducated, both men and women, on this thing called feminism. It is not just a word, but a way of life that speaks of the rights of women, to equality, respect, happiness, freedom of expression, power endurance, and also femininity. Womanhood and femininity has nothing to do with weakness or submission, and it is not for the man to dictate this to us. Own your femininity!!



The concept of black beauty has always been a complex debate. Like everything in existence, whiteness has always been the measure, it is invalid until its been appropriated by mainstream media. We give thanks for women of colour like Angela Davis and Kathleen Cleaver to Diana Ross, through to Lupita Nyong’o for taking pride in their beauty and helping redefine the idea of beauty separate from white. An individual, strong and regal definition, the truth: African Beauty!

The road is long, the road is tough, but we are beautiful and strong. Givers of life.


Jozi talent. Spiritual. Transcendent. Thinking of my mom. Queen.


Sounds from Mali. Bless!



This is one of the 1st African artists i fell in love with as a child; Kadja Nin of Burundi. Many many years later i find her sounds again, on the interwebs. Give thanks ❤



Exactly 10 years ago we lost Mam Brenda Fassie. Lengend! Rock Star forever. Thank you for the music MaBrrr <3…


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