Black Woman in “The World”

Not only am I over weight, female and black, but I am also wide awake to consequences of being all these things in “the world”. Existing somewhere at the bottom of the food chain, the food that “the world” does not even want to consume. Everything that lives and exists in the world is measured and dictated by the white men, sometimes women who come from a lineage of enslavement, oppression, capitalism, misogyny and fetishization of everything they manipulated and killed to owning.

Violent and difficult to swallow as this may be it was the truth at the beginning of colonisation and has morphed with time into an animal that devours black culture and spits out black people. This is not written with the intent to anger black people to mobilization and “burn it all down” (That’s a conversation for another day). However with all the above said, I’m lead to wonder, does the world really not see the beauty and strength that is black women, in all their shapes and shades? Nyani?…

This excerpt is taken from my Tumblr blog. Read more here Black Woman in “The World”


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