Reboot. Refesh. Restart.

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The beautiful view of  Durban City Hall from our hotel room at The Albany Hotel. Was so good to be kissed by the sun while the rest of SA was in the depths of Winter.

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Cafe Limone on Florida Road. Here we met a brother whose mouth what stacked full of gold teeth. Really felt like Durban 🙂 The service was good and so was the food, I would definitely go back. Shout out to our waiter for always making sure my glass was never empty 🙂 This was Friday afternoon, we popped in for brunch so it was not busy at all and the scenery through the big french windows was great.



These women showed me so much love during my stay in Durban, it was truly a time of more transition, a time where i really needed good friends and support. Kuli Mankayi, Ncebakazi Dlamini and Takalani Ndou are real inspirations and what i believe all young black girls should be taught to aspire to, living a life of faith, ambition and liberation. The kind of stuff fairy book tales should be made of; black excellence, happiness and things…

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I’m sure some of you will remember the TV series by Mara Brock Akil, Girlfriends. The sitcom was based of the lives of four friends, Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni who face life’s tests and triumphs together. From dating to divorce and friends, to family to relationships. Ring a bell? During this week with these women i felt like i was in one of the episodes, and it had a happy ending.

As some of you have come to know, i can be an inferno of more emotions than brains, taking decisions at a whim, especially where my pride is involved. Yet again i had reached a fork in the road, as far as my career is involved. It was during this week that i had to decide whether to go back to a job that did not satisfy me or continue riding the wave of inspiration in which the company i was in had engulfed me. Well, of course i chose the latter, it was during this refreshing trip to sunny Durban that i made the decision on my next career move. And i fear it, i love it, it is everything i love and hate, but is this not what ones twenties are about? Taking chances; crashing and burning,and rising to meet your happiness… I dunno man. YOLO. YOLO Zime, always remember, you only live once.


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