Dear Nenekazi

Do not try too hard to please the critics,

The hypocrites, the assholes, those phony motherfuckers that “know it all”,

You were made to be free.


Express your longing.

Speak the murmurs that run through your veins out loud.

Confess your convictions




And be proud!


Feel free to touch and be touched in secret places,

Out of love and lust, in and out

Weaving out the discovery that is you,

Gorgeous woman.


Shameless and complete,

Practice love, respect

Humility, dignity.

Share the sky with the doves, but always remember to listen carefully,

To the beating of your heart.

There, make no space for doubt or ambiguity.


Practice LOVE.

Practice the dance, within and without.

Practice worship and praise of the beauty that is God in you.

Practice the rituals of coming into newness of life.

Lucid and true.


Throw fire at the mossy walls drenched by your tears.

Set them aflame with dream, reality, song, sex.


Renounce your fear,

Pronounce your FREEDOM.

Renounce your fear.

Live liberty.

Do you.



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