[ Open Spaces ]

Open spaces, between open places and the crevasses within my heart.

Emptiness aside emptiness, within emptiness

And all there is to be heard is your voice, echoed voice

Carried by the dry Summer breeze, the only thing in my heart.


Your intentions, lacking of heart or bountiful beats,

No reason to pulsate

Or pump.

Because there is no passion.

Merely memories trapped in my mind,

Maddening, mournful memories of moments passed.

Memories of you and i.


I try to forget.

These tears leave me wet,

Soaked by the reality and the debauchery in which you indulged


Like first bites of a juicy fruit its evidence slipped

Out your mouth,

Through your lustful lips

Down your chin.

Proof of your infidelity.


And you savoured every moment…


Each time after your endevours you come back to me


Knowing that, as usual, I’ll be waiting patiently,



Hoping you’d left some for me.

Just a little of what you’d shared with your mistress.


And in the morning, truth accompanies the sun.

Wrapped in your arms I wake up

To open spaces between open places and the crevasses within my heart

Emptiness aside emptiness caused by emptiness.



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