Umuzi exhibition: Ke Nna Mang? | Who am I? || 23 October 2014


I had the pleasure two days ago of attending this lovely exhibition showcasing the works of young South Africans from different walks of life. The Exhibition was aimed at answering the question Ke Nna Mang? and taking a deeper look into the perceptions and misconceptions people have about each other based on the superficial.

“Who am i?” is a very relevant question to ask and even more so to answer, especially as the country transitions and people try to plant their feet firmly in their identity in a democratic South Africa. I liked how each artist exhibiting communicated themselves uniquely to the others. The amount of variety was tantalizing for the senses, further amplified by the buzz in the air as people walked around viewing the works and conversing among each other and the artists. The pieces on show all had an air of hope and progression which is exactly what people need, however without avoiding the issues that affect us as a nation.

Umuzi, in collaboration with Joburg’s leading creative agencies presents Ke Nna Mang? | Who am I? an exhibition exploring South African youth identity. The exhibition opening started at 18:00 till about 22:00 on the 23 October at Bjala Square, 28 Madison St, Jeppestown. For anyone who is interested in seeing this exhibition i would encourage that you go take a look, unfortunately none of the posters say when it ends but watch out for the links and the picture for anyone who misses it.


Umuzi develops the next generation of professionals for the creative economy, it is during this event that i came to hear of The Power of 50, supported by Investec Bank, it is a one-year tertiary programme that prepares fifty young people to join the creative economy working with any of the involved agencies, what i love about P50 is that it trains and organizes young creatives for the industry they are likely to end up in whilst in the same breath giving them creative freedom to express themselves as they please, with love, passion and honesty, and without dictatorship. This for me is very inspiring, and the fact that there are no tuition fees paid makes it even better, the 50 candidates are chosen based strictly on their portfolio and hard work.

Creative agency partners involved in this process are Black River FC; FCB; Joe Public; Native; Network BBDO; Ogilvy; TBWA; Y&R. On the night the artists were representing these companies respectively and encouraged to obtain viewer “likes” to monitor their progress on the night.

It was a good night, and though the rain made it’s presence felt it certainly did not dampen the spirits of all those involved. The event was well organised, security and parking was provided for everyone, toilets were made available (thank Jesus!!!) and of course a shout out to Grolsh for sponsoring drinks for the night.















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