Kwaku Ananse Trailer (2013)

Oh my God, this trailer just got me. The music, the shots, and yes, i want more!

I am always inspired by African people telling African stories truthfully, not for the accommodation but rather for the honesty and the expression. Akosua Adoma Owusu’s Kwaku Ananse is a semi-autobiographical story about a Ghanaian-American girl who travels to Ghana for her father’s funeral. In traditional Ashanti fables, Ananse is a trickster hero – part man, and part spider – who spreads wisdom throughout the world, without that being his intention. Kwaku Ananse is the folklore hero of the Black diaspora. These fables traveled from West Africa to the new world, through the slave trade and were preserved by peoples of African descent in Suriname, Caribbean cultures and Black American cultures.

For more watch this space, i cannot wait to watch the full movie. Love and praise to Akosua Adoma Owusu for creating a path which other young aspirant filmmakers can follow. Yes!


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