Art (Party Karate)!!!

So it finally happened, after weeks of revisiting the drawing board, postponing, time constraints, technicalities or otherwise. Art Party!!

party party

I did not expect the turnout to be as good as it was and we have only the gods in the sky to thank. Due to the weather and its unpredictability of late we had been checking the weather for the past few days, on various weather forecasters. The morning was overcast and there was little hinting of the sun coming out, but we were determined that the will certainly go on, this time.

As the guys and girls; fellow organisers and various band members trickled in to set up their equipment and do sound check my spirits we lifted as the excitement began to brew. The 1st few hours of my day were spent running around, sweeping, washing down and arranging our beautiful venue, my lovely abode, 58 Richmond. The ambiance created by the music as the bands rehearsed was more than enough encouragement to get the job done!

By the afternoon once sound and rehearsals were done the 1st music mix was put on, compliments of me (**,) It was my 1st time sharing my music tastes on a public platform, and im elated that it was received well. Thanks to Siya for the encourage, here’s to many more!!

As the party gained more and more momentum and people continued coming in through the door i would occasionally glance over and relish their looks of surprise and amazement as they stepped into this mini paradise. It truly was beautiful. Dion Monti was our 1st act of the day, he started us out with some mellow beats just to get the crowd bopping their heads and swaying their bodies. His set was well liked, the evidence was in the swaying bodies that soon turned to dance and laughter underneath the gaze of bright white sun as it too came out to play. Check out some of his sound:!soundart/cjg9

After Dion Monti we were entertained 8 Bars Short, by this time when i heard the strumming of the guitars, i knew it was going to be a great night. Everyone settled into comfortable positions to be taken on a musical journey by Itai and Nomi who make up the folk/indie duo. Here is a young vid shot of them at Hei Cafe a while ago, singing Khombela, which they also shared with us at the Art Party. My new fave…

Paving the Labyrinth performed after, they are a “progressive Rock Band”. Im not sure what that is…

A big shoutout to our braai masters, Siya and Mike for their wonderful capabilities. Hunger was thoroughly fought, along with doubt and apprehension on this glorious day. I’ll not forget the pop up cocktail bar, lol we are yet to discover what exactly was in thee cocktail of the day- “8 Bars Short” but it was surely a huge success and helped shoo away the cold, and welcome a bit of Dutch courage.

The mood was a whimsical one as people danced, laughed and chatted. The swimming pool, was literally at the center of the event, it was only natural that our guests jump in. Having people enjoying the performances from in and around the pool was great. Visions! More tequila, more!!

Our last musical act of the evening was, JHB based performance art band, The Brother Moves On. Words are not needed to describe the musicality and passion these guys have for their craft, one is taken on a journey, transported to another place. I only discovered this group last year 2013 at Tagores, Observatory and it was like a door had opened and i peeked in. So naturally i was drawn to know and do more with them, and now that i am a Jozi girl, im making it happen. Siyabulela bhuti, thank you for the music! I looked around as the performance and evening reached its summit and it was reaffirmed that yes, it was indeed a good, good night.


Shoutout to my immediate neighbours at 58 Richmond for allowing me to host this amazing party!
Shoutout to my other neighbours having enough patience not to call the cops before the last performance.
Shoutout to the SAPS for doing their job while meeting me halfway and NOT shutting the party down. Thank you, your presence added dramatic effect!!
Shoutout to everyone who came and had a PARTY KARATE with me 🙂 !!!


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