Among Nepali Maoists: A Critique of Negotiated Betrayal in South Africa

Im waiting for the time my people are not so afraid of and submissive to all the injustice and blatant disregard of their human lives. If we look at the stats, in fact, if you just walk out onto the streets of South Africa and look around, even the most uneducated person will see that the socio-economic condition in this country is awfully wrong. I am not fooled by this “rainbow nation” rubbish, and what are “born frees” when they are not, and often never will be nothing more than cheap labour and neo slaves to their white counterparts? A peaceful revolution? I think not. Think again. I am a human being, i have value. will not be grateful for being one of the very, very few privileged blacks, i will not be “grateful for my freedom” because my freedom is something i deserve, i shouldn’t have to work for it, esp in Afika.

Revolution in South Asia

The road of racial rainbows and imaginary class harmony without mobilizing the people to get rid of the existing state and uproot the underlying system appealed to many, especially the middle classes among the oppressed:  it is an easier road than revolution.  But the problem is, as the bitter experience of South Africa of the recent past  20 years has shown once again, it is entirely illusory – and imaginary.”

This article is from Maoist Information Bulletin.  Published by UCPN (M), International Bureau, Vol. 04, No. 13.

This is a piece published in Nepal’s Maoist press against “negotiating to share political power within the old state.” In other words, it should be read as a sharp polemic over contested issues facing Nepal’s revolution and its Maoist leading core.

Two Decades After Mandela’s Release:

20 Years of Freedom in South Africa?

The world watched elatedly 20 years ago as…

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