Resolve and Progress…

We spend a lot of time think and contemplating, the doing part is always so distant and secondary. Many times with all that thinking clouding the mind doubt starts to creep in, vision is foggy and it becomes easy lose direction.

I have realized since moving to Jozi, leaving my very, very [counter productive] comfortable space i have been doing more, and it feels great. So empowering, especially if you are doing the things you love. My new job has me up on my feet, on toes, in fact- i cant miss a beat. And this time the only person pushing me is myself. I am driven by my own ambition and thirst for more, that is great and beautiful and spiritual, my observations and experiences with people since i moved to my new home have been wondrous, transcendent, and i hear God’s whispers of calm and encouragement, “Your’e doing just fine”… And yes, i have every belief that i am. How lucky am i?

No time for doubt. No time for insecurity. No time for slacking. No time at all… Just growth, peace and love. So i take this opportunity to give thanks to the Universe for all the energies that have elevated me thus far, shout to Valerie Geselev, my magical partner in inspiration and all things amazing. This woman is a unicorn, such beauty and love… An anchor and also propeller for the past year and the past two weeks in my new home (haha, she is napping in my space as we speak…) Val, always seizing the day…


Shout out to all my friends in Cape Town, people who love me!! Its sometimes odd for me to imagine people genuinely loving me, by their own will, wow. Am i worth their love, and respect and good times shared so often with laughter, chit chat, a joint and good music… Much love to the Royal House and my allies for life, my Bastardos…



Shout out to the Universe, to God, my Ancestors for all of this. Every part of it is so so delicious!!





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