Doing it.

October 29 2013 i wrote with a heavy heart, about my spiritual discontent. The words i wrote came from a place of desperation, an itch, a deep thirst for something new… Looking back now it all makes sense, and it is ok.

I spent 6whole years in Cape Town, i loved it, still do. That beautiful city gave me lots of love back, and the treasure that is all my experiences and all the amazing people i met. Cape Town i thank U!! Cape Town took me as a girl and turned me into a young woman, salute to the Mother City, it is you who prepared me for my venture toward new things, bigger and better, and AMEN Universe, it’s all falling into place; dreams coming true!!

During the Christmas season 2013, while ideas of family, presents and Xmas foods and desserts filled the minds of most, my mind was filled with heavy thoughts, my heart was beating to an unfamiliar beat, i didn’t like it. It was my complete and utter comfort and safety in Cape Town which ended up becoming redundancy and feeling of stagnancy, lack of growth and knowledge no matter which way i faced my flower. I wanted more! And so, the gods of my Universe let it be. Now here i am today, in Joburg, and everything is going so swell!! A secret door to happiness has been unlocked and it feels so good…

I spent a week in Cape Town, packing, attending career meetings and going to training for future ventures. It was a whirl wind to get things done before my move and i am ever grateful for my loving friends and family who were supportive throughout. Not once was i alone.

For me, the move to Joburg has been my biggest career move to date, and the grass this side is beautiful and very very green… But on another level, a level intangible, i have come into another paradigm. I find lots of rest, and peace and opportunity in this very busy, restless city…

Here’s to Joburg, my new home.





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