The Vagina’s transition into a Stove


The Cognition of a Selkie

Yes, an awkward title.

But it is only by making you feel awkward that I could truly make you understand the feelings that vaginas go through everyday, nobody truly understands them or treats them with the sanctity that they deserve anymore.

Instead, people cut off pieces of them, seal them shut, lock up and robe their sensuality and ability to give pleasure in layers and layers of cotton. The vagina is experiencing death by cotton, death by economy, death by disease, but most of all it is experiencing death by neglect.

Yes, neglect.

And why, you ask, would that be the worst thing that a vagina could experience?

Well, the answer is simply this, because they were made as a part of a woman…and a very special part indeed because they are the only organ within the body that can manipulated into producing such heights of pleasure.

And whose love…

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