I want more!!!

I grew up in Kokstad, KwaZulu, a conservative town with conservative people. I have a lived with both my parents and a younger brother, and since i can  remember our family, and friends and us all went to the same schools, churches, shopping malls, holiday destinations, same everything… My childhood was a a happy one and thanks to the love and life lessons from my mother and other energies around me. I am 25 this year and in these few years iv come to know pain and insecurity and sorrow and betrayal, but more than anything, i also know love and happiness.

Now more than ever am coming into my own, and i do not want to be conservative and safe and orthodox any more. I want to live life, discover it outside of Kokstad, and outside of being my parents dear daughter. If there is one thing i would want my offspring to know, it is that you only live once, SEIZE the moment. I can not over emphasize the importance of experience, BOOKS WONT TEACH YOU EVERYTHING! I feel as though i have missed out on a few years of travelling, so now i must break free of my inhibitions.

So, now i start living and stop fearing. This December, i leave my beloved South Africa. Let me travel(“,)…


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